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Our Story

Cajun Pride Allstars was created by Amanda Dauzat on March 23, 2016 in Marksville, LA. Amanda was inspired by the positive impact cheerleading has had on her life. In creating Cajun Pride Allstars, her goal was to spread the many great benefits of the sport of cheerleading to children in the Avoyelles Parish area. 

Amanda founded Youth Alive Cheer and Youth Alive Athletics in Denver, CO. There she mentored and lead a coaching staff and teams to be featured in 9 News Denver, Your Hub Publications, Cheer Professional Magazine and earning 2 National Titles. After 7 wonderful years she has packed up and moved back to Marksville, LA to be closer to family which is of great importance to her. It is her goal to bring a great program to serve kids in the area where it all began for her, Marksville, LA. She is a the owner of Cajun Pride Allstars. She knows that the teams here will be stronger than ever. Let's go Cajun PRIDE!

For Cajun Pride Allstars, this is only the beginning of a great story. We would love for you and your family to be a part of it.


Amanda Dauzat

Amanda Dauzat, our owner and founder, is from Marksville, LA. She graduated from City Vision College with a B.S. in Nonprofit Management. She cheered at Marksville High School,  Louisiana College and Alpine Allstars. She is certified USASF levels 1-3, as well as in first aid and concussion safety. She has lead teams to win 2 National Championships and has been featured in various publications.  Cheerleading impacted Amanda’s life by motivating her to stay in school and was the vehicle through which she found salvation in Jesus. Amanda enjoys coaching and her favorite moments are when cheerleaders are excited about their accomplishments.

Amber is originally from Cottonport, a mother of 3 amazing boys, and happily married. Some of her fondest memories are from cheering, dancing, and gymnastics. She recently got out of real estate and MMA training after 3 years. The confidence and strength it gave her is immeasurable! 

About my class: I encourage the children to push themselves and talk kindly to themselves. Words are powerful and while learning a new skill, phrases like "I can't" or "I'm horrible at it" simply won't stick in my class. I encourage the girls to cheer each other on and I try to motivate them to believe in their abilities. With my knowledge, along with pure love for sports, I focus on correct form and strength to prevent injuries and have their skills looking fabulous!!

Brittany is a resident of Marksville and she is currently studying Nursing at LSUA. She retired in November from the Louisiana Army National Guard after 11½ years of service. She is the mother of four wonderful children and is married to her husband of nearly 2 years. She is currently working at the front desk accepting applications and registering students. She will be returning to LSUA in the fall and will come back during her school breaks to continue to be a part of the CPA family!

Junior Coaches

Lindsey is currently a graduate from Avoyelles Public Charter School in Mansura. She lives in Marksville and will be attending University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the Fall of 2018.

She is a hard, dedicated worker! She is willing to do anything and everything to help in anyway she can! Her love and devotion for teaching kids is unreal. She is very passionate about guiding and teaching the young kids in the correct techniques in tumbling, cheer, and ninja! She simply encourages the kids to push themselves to do the best they possibly can! With Lindsey attending University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the fall, she promises she will definitely come back on her breaks and during the summers to continue to be a part of the CPA family!

Coach Maddie



Do you have experience as a tumbling or all-star coach? If so, please email [email protected] your resume and be sure to include your certifications.